NegoSmart delivers a globally recognized state of the art cloud e-Sourcing module, which is adopted by more than 300 companies in 40 countries worldwide, to help its clients experience significant time and cost savings during their sourcing activities in a short period of time.

Our proven and seamless SaaS (Software as a Service) based e-Sourcing platform features; high end technology infrastructure, exceptional ease of use, functionality and a cost-free implementation environment. You can easily; qualify your potential vendors by deploying our e-RFI (Request for Information) module, ask them to place their initial bids by using our e-RFQ / e-RFP (Request for Quotation / Proposal) module, conduct e-ReverseAuctions over the platform by inviting your qualified vendors and manage your contracts appertaining to those e-ReverseAuctions.

In what ways your company will benefit from our e-Sourcing module?

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