1. Qualify & Select

Qualify and select the vendors you wish to invite to your e-RFx (e-Request for Information and Quotation) / e-Auction events.

2. Invite

Invite the selected vendors via automatically generated e-mail messages.

3. Compare Bids

Generate event reports in Excel & Pdf formats by a single click in just a few seconds and compare the submitted bids easily.

4. Approve

Choose the best bidder and create your contract just by a single click.


Broaden Qualified Vendor Database

Broaden vendor database and encourage competition. You can reach numerous local and global vendors nested in our database and invite them to your events, thus increase competition and cut down your costs.

Encourage Competition

Reduce your costs dramatically. You can have the opportunity to achieve significant savings, make remarkable contributions to your company’s bottomline and negotiate on the contract terms more efficiently by taking advantage of the escalating competition among your vendors.

Save Time & Money

Save time for strategic planning and sourcing. By conducting your contract based and on demand sourcing activities over our platform, you can avoid time-consuming aspect of conventional sourcing activities, save more time for vendor discovery and enhance your vendor relationship.

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Create Transparent Sourcing Cycle

Sustain fair and transparent vendor relationship. Your vendors can easily see how transparent and fair the bidding and assessment processes are during the whole e-Sourcing lifecycle. So, you will be able to build a sustainable relationship with your vendors in the long run.

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